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released April 10, 2014

Lyrics written by M. Jozefowicz
Music written by R.C. Hamilton
Performed by M. Jozefowicz, R.C. Hamilton, D. Flygh, L. Jensen
Recorded & mixed by Bjarte Lund Rolland @ Caliban Studios
Mastered by Alan Douches @ West West Side Music
Layout by R.C. Hamilton
Released in cooperation with Art As Catharsis & Negative Vibe Records



all rights reserved


HUSK Oslo, Norway

Hymns EP out April 10th 2014 via Art As Catharsis and Negative Vibe Records.

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Track Name: Howl
Twine strung between the binds. From over the shoulders of lamps and far flung lines. Glowing we howl. Trapped in the arc struggling to stay under the sun. Its sweeping glare sets patterned fractures. Upon a ridgeway fissured by dreams. Wrapped in vertebrae we are birthed the razors. Sons of a modern hell. Daughters of a modern hell. Together in this modern hell.
Track Name: Ruins
I feel the face of famine. Its buckled knees the hollow corners of slavery. We are failure. The starving masses. The tragedy. Such distant people we never see. We need upheaval. Embraced revolt to change our mindsets with open arms. It's time to scream out against the crimes to break the brutal complacent lines. The lives we leave as ruins form structures for shelter. Foundations built on dust. The lives we leave as ruins form structures for shelter where strangers feed on dust.
Track Name: Prey
Salivating paralysis. Her body left a wreck on the boulevard. Thin ghosts of rape slivers at her lips. Shimmering sleepwalkers. The beasts that hide within the walls their empty eyes the cups she fills. They prowl her adoration covered in sweat. Her neighbour's son. Her daughter's lover. A hell she can touch. At a supper lined with kin she sees her dreams. Monstrous shapes. Hulking fevered rapists. The hands of spectres.
Track Name: Keelhaul
I found peace at last. Abandoned on the shore. Reflected in an ocean as black as the coil. From the wreckage I will construct with salvation tied to hope. A battered raft of failures and ideals. I hollowed it out with sharpened words. Carved at its bones and heart. We'll conquer the waves. Shattered anchors aweigh. I can't help but fear the currents we'll meet. The shipwrecks in the saline. Castaways of the deep. The salt of leviathan. The despair and disease. The bastards of convenience who try to drown us in our sleep. I carved at its heart with tattered fingers. I carved at its heart with frayed beliefs. We'll navigate by heart instead of stars. We'll navigate by resolve instead of culture. We'll sail beyond everything we've known. The tide may claim our bones but it will not claim this fight. I carved at the throat of the storm with tattered fingers wrapped in bloody sails.
Track Name: Harvest
The fields are empty.
Track Name: Sedlec
The wolves sharpen their smiles and become the priest. Watching the flock gather beneath the axe. Their mouths crack open preaching hell with ease. Thick liquid sermons into mouths. We must not yield at all costs. We must brace ourselves. We must take up our shields and fight the nightmares back. As long as we are one we cannot fail. Broaden your shoulders. We can build a city on our backs where we can stand as mountains safe from serpents. The tide of loss the flood of fear. Safe from serpents up here. The meek shall inherit the earth. So believe the sheep as the shepherds teeth tears apart our children. Why do you bend your knees at the heels of demons? A betrayer cult of rapists in robes. Wolves at our backs. Defend this city. Wolves at our backs. Burn this city down. Wolves at our backs. They're just old men when we pull their teeth.
Track Name: Babel
Under an open sky I will climb the mountain. Dig my heels into the dirt which clings to the edges of my thoughts. The uninformed sediment. I want to rid myself of it before it crushes my understanding of life and love. I need my ignorance for traction. For the climb. For traction with which to climb. For a foothold to reach higher places. For the view and perspective. The clarity will burn conceit from my eyes. I'm a fool buried by the mountain. The arrogance in my life it keeps me trapped at the foothills where humanity dies. I'm a fool buried by the mountain the misconceptions in my life. I need to climb up to claw at the earth until I reach the sky.