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The wolves sharpen their smiles and become the priest. Watching the flock gather beneath the axe. Their mouths crack open preaching hell with ease. Thick liquid sermons into mouths. We must not yield at all costs. We must brace ourselves. We must take up our shields and fight the nightmares back. As long as we are one we cannot fail. Broaden your shoulders. We can build a city on our backs where we can stand as mountains safe from serpents. The tide of loss the flood of fear. Safe from serpents up here. The meek shall inherit the earth. So believe the sheep as the shepherds teeth tears apart our children. Why do you bend your knees at the heels of demons? A betrayer cult of rapists in robes. Wolves at our backs. Defend this city. Wolves at our backs. Burn this city down. Wolves at our backs. They're just old men when we pull their teeth.


from Hymns, released April 10, 2014



all rights reserved


HUSK Oslo, Norway

Hymns EP out April 10th 2014 via Art As Catharsis and Negative Vibe Records.

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